Monday, August 8, 2011

Inventor of Wet grinder.

Have you ever wondered who invented wet grinder, that helps makes out South Indian famous idlis and dosas? Without it my breakfast is unthinkable. Here goes the story.

It was indeed a unique wedding gift. Indrani was told by her fiancée days ahead of their marriage that she would not get tired at his house by preparing rice batter for idlis and dosas using the traditional south Indian style manual wet grinding stone.

On reaching her husband P Sabhapathy's home near Town Hall in Coimbatore, Indrani found a unique device that can revolutionise the whole concept of batter making. The device was called 'Wet Grinder' and it was invented by none other than her husband Sabhapathy.

On her part, Indrani not only accepted the devise as the wedding gift but also strengthened the family's relationship with the whole neighbourhood by allowing others to use it. As a result, the entire street was liberated from the strenuous task of using manual grinding stones.
Sabhapathy's unique invention which made life easy in a small street in Coimbatore in the fifties is now having worldwide appeal.

But it is another story that multi-faceted Sabhapathy left the thriving wet grinder business halfway to engage in several other industrial ventures before succumbing to severe breath ailments around 13 years ago.
"My husband invented the wet grinder in 1955, exactly five years before the marriage. But he made it a commercial product after its introduction as the wedding gift turned a huge success in the locality,'' remembers Indrani, who has turned 68 years of age now.

Though the widow of a highly skilled technocrat who rewrote Coimbatore's industrial scene, Indrani is now leading a Spartan life in the Town Hall area. She has no ill feeling about the way the city conveniently forgotten this great innovator or the lack of mentioning of his name even in the election manifestos.

She is living with her son Sreeram Ganesh, who too in the entrepreneurial arena but focusing exclusively on manufacturing of equipment meant for making bakery food items.

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