Sunday, July 31, 2011

One more firm takes space at our Coimbatore TIDEL Park

One more multi national company has finally signed an agreement to occupy the space inside the TIDEL Park, after much criticism that not many companies have come forward to occupy the space in the newly built Information Technology Park in the special economic zone in Coimbatore.
The park had brought along with it a lot of expectations for the city and was considered the next step for the growth and development of IT in the state. However, despite its strategic location, proximity to the airport and better infrastructure facilities, only one company has taken up space at the park.
The 380-cr project, a joint initiative of the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Electronics Corporation of India, Software Technology Parks of India and Tidel Park, Chennai, has come up on a 9.5 acre plot on Avinashi road, adjoining the Coimbatore Medical College campus.
"The company Merrill Technology Services India Private Limited, providing consultancy services, IT services, legal, marketing, communications, health care and financial solutions, has finalized the agreement," a senior official at Tidel Park said.
The company has agreed to occupy 20,000 sq ft of space in the facility and work would soon begin, he said, adding that the company is likely to employ about 150 people in the new facility.
"We are in discussion with many big companies. Besides Merrill, there are two other firms that have expressed interest in occupying space here, and we are in the final stage of discussions," he said.
"The minimum space a company needs to acquire here is 5,000 sq ft. Many of the smaller firms do not require so much space, and we have given many suggestions on how we can accommodate them," he said. He confirmed that the cost is 25 per sq ft and it has not been raised. He also reiterated that all necessary approvals have been received to set up offices at the Park.

Tiger census - Coimbatore Erode region

Sathyamangalam and Seygoor area of Nilgris Biosphere in Tamil Nadu is a notable area in the tiger map. "Tiger density in this area is one (big cat) per 10 square kilometer. That is one of the best tiger densities in the world. Usually it is between one tiger for 30 to 40 square kilometers," says Coimbatore-based C R Jayaprakash, executive commmittee member, Nilgiris Wildlife and Environment Association, Ooty. 

"This (Sathyamangalam range) is the place for source population. After almost 20 years, two tigers were spotted in Coimbatore district this year using camera traps. This is a positive trend," he says. Another study by World Wide Fund for Nature near Sathyamangalam, Seygoor and Bandipur belt in October-November 2010 has also shown a good number of tigers. 

"(In this study) we found over 50 tigers in this area using camera traps. The tiger population in this area is certainly growing thanks to availability of prey and intergrated habitats here," says N Mohanraj, Co-ordinator with World Wildlife Fund for Nature in Coimbatore. All the experts agree that the sole and most significant step in tiger conservation is a focus on improving the animal's habitat.

Good to know that tiger are still around Coimbatore

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top cop opens office up to the public

COIMBATORE: Residents who want to approach the city police commissioner with a problem are likely to find task easy. The new commissioner Amaresh Pujari has decided to keep the doors of his office open to the public from 11am to 1.30pm on all working days.

And he has also told all deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and inspe-ctors will also receive visitors and accept complaints in their chambers between these hours.

People can go into Pujari's office and discuss their problems with him directly. "There is no need to make an appointment," said Pujari, who has also decided to make his mobile number public. "My mobile number is 94422-23277. People can call me any time. There will be no delay in enforcing the law," he said.

Addressing a meeting of police officials on Thursday, Pujari directed those in charge of stations to handle visitors and petitioners in a friendly way. "All members of the police force in the city must behave politely and courteously to all complainants and visitors," he said.

Pujari said all officers should be in their chambers in the morning to receive complaints from the public. They would not be available only when law and order matters require their presence elsewhere. On such occasions, alternative arrangements will be made.

The reception desk at all stations will function from 8am to 8pm, he said. All petitioners will get receipts for each complaint filed. If the complaint was registered as a first information report (FIR), copies of the FIR would be made available to complainants, he said.

Universities of Coimbatore Ties-up with Mexico's Centre for Research and Advance Studies

COIMBATORE: In a move that may help enhance quality of science education in Coimbatore, Mexico's Centre for Research and Advance Studies has entered into a partnership with three key educational institutions in the city including Bharatiyar University.

As per the deal, aspiring bright science students in Coimbatore will get preference in admission as research scholars and post graduate students at the institution, funded and operated by the Mexican Government. Known in Spanish as CINVESTAV, the institution functions on similar lines of the Indian Council for Scientific Research ( CSIR). Selected students can meet expenses through fellowships and support programmes being offered by the Mexican Government. The institution will not charge any fee.

Apart from Bharathiyar University, PSG Institute of Technology and Coimbatore Institute of Technology are also entering into the partnership. While Bharatiyar University signed the MoU with CINVESTAV director general Dr Jose Pablo Rene Asomoza Palacio on Wednesday, the other two institutions signed MOUs on Thursday. Karunya University is already in partnership with Mexico's leading scientific research centre.

As pioneers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, CINVESTAV will primarily focus on joint efforts in the field. Joint efforts in areas like basic sciences and bio-technology also will be initiated. According to Dr P Anbalagan of Bharatiyar University, the partnership will not just ensure research facilities for Coimbatore students in Mexico but also provide them opportunities for short term visits to improve their knowledge. Students from Mexico also would be exchanged with the Coimbatore institutions.

As per the plan, faculty exchange would also be facilitated very soon. Both the institutions also agreed to probe the possibilities of starting dual degree courses in key subjects with students dividing the total number of academic years between the two universities.

Dr S Velumani, a former student of Bharathiyar University and presently a faculty of CINVESTAV, said 20 Indian students are now doing Ph D in Mexico under his initiative. Hailing from Tatabad in the city, Velumany is instrumental for the partnership programmes, which would brighten the scope of science education in Coimbatore in the days to come. 

Coutesty: Times of India