Thursday, December 17, 2015

Working women feel safe in Coimbatore, says survey

COIMBATORE: The city is among top 10 cities in India preferred by women employees, states the India Skills Report 2016. This is not the first time that the cotton city has been featured in this list.

For the past three years Coimbatore has consistently featured in top 10 list for preferred place to work by females.

In this survey, 5.2 lakh students across 29 states and seven union territories took part. Various factors that influence candidates to take up job in certain locations were examined. The voters who preferred Coimbatore were mostly graduates from engineering & polytechnic courses.

"It is exciting to see Tier 2 cities like Coimbatore featuring amongst preferred places to work. While the government is trying to expand the business growth through initiatives like smart cities, skills supply at these cities is improving (as per India Skills Report 2016 candidates from Tier 2 cities are more employable than Tier 1 cities).

This interest from the job seekers is a great sign," said Kiran Kumar, founding member and vice-president of People Strong. As per another company representative, the city also featured amongst the top 10 cities where students scored better in numerical & logical ability. 

"Coimbatore has been featuring in various categories the previous years as well such as top 10 cities where candidates with better score in English, computer skills and preferred city to work by male candidates," said the representative.

Industrialists, company owners and various other stake holders said affordable standard of living, availability of jobs, moderate climate, geographical location, connectivity with other cities were among the top reasons for this selection.

Vice-president, engineering and centre head, Bosche, Coimbatore, TV Sriram said, "Even before IT companies came to the city, women in the city formed a major part of the working sector. Women find the work environment in the city quite conducive. The city is neither a metropolitan nor very conservative," he said. K Ilango, an industrialist from the city said the growth rate and an expansion in opportunities made it a preferable location for women.

"Women find ample opportunities in jewellery, food processing, IT, education, trade, service industry, fashion, health and other sectors. This is a city which has the perfect blend of a metro and a small town," he said.

Many said the reason could be less crime rate against women in the city. As per the national crime records bureau, in comparison to most other cities in the country, the cotton city is safer for women. Rape, dowry deaths, assault/molestation and cruelty by husbands or relatives have reduced tremendously in the past five years. "I work till late in the night and travel on my two-wheeler.

I still find it very safe. Though sometimes, I feel though there are less opportunities, safety is my priority when it comes to working," said Bindhiya Bhaskaran, a techie from the city. Many who have migrated from villages also seconded this.

"I am from a small village and come from a very conservative family. The city which is known for its people who are amicable and full of respect was a major factor that helped me cope here," said Jeyasuriya L. Less traffic congestion was also stated as a factor.

For Nithyanandhini Manoharan, a fitness expert who has worked as an HR professional in Mumbai and in various other sectors in Chennai and Bangalore, Coimbatore was a welcome change. "I completely accept that Coimbatore is the best location for women. People from all cultures mingle in the city and no one treats you as an outsider here which is not the case in some other cities," she said.

When we consider the gender-wise employability geographically, as in we try to understand which are the states where "employable" males and females are found in large numbers, we found that Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh top the chart for males whereas Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu lead the race for females, said a company representative from People Strong.