Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiger census - Coimbatore Erode region

Sathyamangalam and Seygoor area of Nilgris Biosphere in Tamil Nadu is a notable area in the tiger map. "Tiger density in this area is one (big cat) per 10 square kilometer. That is one of the best tiger densities in the world. Usually it is between one tiger for 30 to 40 square kilometers," says Coimbatore-based C R Jayaprakash, executive commmittee member, Nilgiris Wildlife and Environment Association, Ooty. 

"This (Sathyamangalam range) is the place for source population. After almost 20 years, two tigers were spotted in Coimbatore district this year using camera traps. This is a positive trend," he says. Another study by World Wide Fund for Nature near Sathyamangalam, Seygoor and Bandipur belt in October-November 2010 has also shown a good number of tigers. 

"(In this study) we found over 50 tigers in this area using camera traps. The tiger population in this area is certainly growing thanks to availability of prey and intergrated habitats here," says N Mohanraj, Co-ordinator with World Wildlife Fund for Nature in Coimbatore. All the experts agree that the sole and most significant step in tiger conservation is a focus on improving the animal's habitat.

Good to know that tiger are still around Coimbatore

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