Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top cop opens office up to the public

COIMBATORE: Residents who want to approach the city police commissioner with a problem are likely to find task easy. The new commissioner Amaresh Pujari has decided to keep the doors of his office open to the public from 11am to 1.30pm on all working days.

And he has also told all deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and inspe-ctors will also receive visitors and accept complaints in their chambers between these hours.

People can go into Pujari's office and discuss their problems with him directly. "There is no need to make an appointment," said Pujari, who has also decided to make his mobile number public. "My mobile number is 94422-23277. People can call me any time. There will be no delay in enforcing the law," he said.

Addressing a meeting of police officials on Thursday, Pujari directed those in charge of stations to handle visitors and petitioners in a friendly way. "All members of the police force in the city must behave politely and courteously to all complainants and visitors," he said.

Pujari said all officers should be in their chambers in the morning to receive complaints from the public. They would not be available only when law and order matters require their presence elsewhere. On such occasions, alternative arrangements will be made.

The reception desk at all stations will function from 8am to 8pm, he said. All petitioners will get receipts for each complaint filed. If the complaint was registered as a first information report (FIR), copies of the FIR would be made available to complainants, he said.

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