Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Around 600 plant species in Coimbatore: Scientist

There are around 600 plant species in the forests of Coimbatore. Among them, 20 to 23 face the threat of extinction, says R Gopalan, a former scientist at the Botanical Survey of India. He was speaking on the 'Plant Diversity of Coimbatore' at a programme organised by OSAI, a city based environmental organisation.

"There are around 600 plant species in the forest regions between Walayar to the Sirumugai area and among them 2 are only in Coimbatore," he said. The 2 wild plant species, Strodilanthes Bolampattiames and Proteroceros Holpumii can be seen only in the forests of Coimbatore, he said.

Apart from these 2, there are more than 20 varieties in the regional forests which are under threat of extinction, Gopalan said. Some steps have been taken by researchers and other agencies for their conservation.

Many of these species, including region-specific ones do not have any medicinal value. Therefore, interest in preserving them is restricted to academicians, he indicated.

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