Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coimbatore Airport to use Biodegradable bags

To mark Earth Day, the Coimbatore airport has decided to use biodegradable bags to ferry garbage at the premises instead of plastic bags from Sunday.

Airport director K Peter Abraham said the airport will become a plastic free zone as they had decided to use biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags.

"The airport uses around 110 bags a day to dispose the waste. This put together in a year will come to around one ton of plastic. We hope by introducing biodegradable bags, our premises will become plastic free zone," he said.

T S Shankker, director of 'Biotec Bags', which will supply biodegradable bags to the airport, said the bags are costlier than the plastic bags, but they will help ecology. "Our bags will cost around 50% more than the plastic ones. But this will be worth it, considering ecological matters," he said. He said the bags will degrade completely.

The airport officials said that plastics are used mostly in the airport to ferry garbage. They say that this could be a trend-setter. "We hope that the move would serve as an example for other airports," said an official, who was involved in the process. Shankker said that people have been showing interest in eco-friendly products.

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