Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Siruthuli to train kids in eco-activities

COIMBATORE: Vanitha Mohan, managing trustee of Siruthuli, a city-based green NGO, inaugurated Sittukaludan Siruthuli, a project to involve schools in environment preservation activities, at Kikani School in the city.

A Balasubramaniyan, an associate professor at the department of tree breeding of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University ( TNAU), said pollution and global warming are increasing at an enormous rate. "Increasing pollution will not only raise the water levels subduing land, but will also create many new diseases. We must try hard to correct the situation," he said

Vanitha said the project is aimed at inculcating an awareness of nature among children. "Every Saturday, we will train 30 students from six different schools on environmental preservation. They will be taught how to take care of nature and how to pass on this knowledge to their schoolmates," she said. "From planting trees to avoiding plastic, students will be encouraged to participate in many simple activities," she said.

A model of the earth made with waste materials as a symbol of the polluted earth was handed over to the children. "This was to show them that they were inheriting a polluted earth, and have a huge responsibility to make it clean," said Anu Valenteena, a member of Siruthuli.

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