Friday, November 4, 2011

Is a Theater overcharging for your ticket. Act now!

Taking firm action against a theatre for non-compliance, the district administration has cancelled its license to screen films, after it was discovered they had been selling tickets at a higher price than notified by the government.

District collector M Karunagaran gave orders to cancel the license of Ganga theatre in the city following several petitions and complaints registered by the public about excess fare being collected by the theatre, said S Santhakumar, Regional Divisional Officer.

"I personally got many calls from the people, besides the petition filed by them to the district administration. Based on these complains we visited the theatre and checked the situation and found that the theatre was indeed selling the tickets at a higher price," he said.

The team also cross checked with the public who purchased tickets and found that a Rs 10 ticket was sold for Rs 20 and a Rs 25 ticket for Rs 40. Since the theatre fell under category C, the theatre had no right to sell tickets at a higher price. He said the C Form license was cancelled based on section 9 of the Tamil Nadu Cinema Regulation Act and this would deny the theatre any rights to play movies in the theatre.

It is not uncommon for a theatre to sell tickets at a higher cost than what has been approved, said Suresh Kumar, high court advocate, who has filed cases in the court against theatres for not providing bills for eateries, lack of hygiene and others issues.

He said that the failure of the government to be firm with theatres has encouraged them to fleece the public.
"Besides selling tickets in the black market, theatres also charge more than the actual rate printed on the ticket, especially during the release of a new movie, as people are willing to pay any amount to view the film," he added. There are many people who are forced to avoid theatres due to the exorbitant prices. Stringent action by the Coimbatore district administration against such theatres is a welcome step and similar steps should be taken in other places as well, Suresh Kumar said.

He further said that the administration should also look into other aspects like the facilities provided in these theatre. Many theatres do not have emergency exit, or proper billing system for eateries and unhygienic toilets, he added.

"Though this is just the beginning, we hope the administration will continue to identify such fraudulent theatres to curb extortion," said S Prem Kumar, a resident of R S Puram, adding that eateries in movie houses also charged high prices for their products.

When TOI contacted officials of Ganga theatre, they were not available for comment.
Source: TOI

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