Thursday, November 3, 2011

IBM deputes its experts for social initiatives in Coimbatore

Saken Kulkarni is a US citizen of Indian origin. He has been working with IBM Global Business Services for the last three years as a business consultant and helping corporates win business across the world. But on Wednesday, he under took another mission. The young expert will help city based NGO Siruthuli in its ongoing mission to rejuvenate Valankulam tank in the city, which is contaminated and encroached upon.

''I will use my skills as a business consultant to ensure resources for Siruthuli in cleaning up the lake. Water hyacinths have to be removed and the quality of the water will have to be improved, said Kulkarni.

Benjamin Vera Tudela is a US citizen, who has been with IBM for 12 years. A computer science graduate, he has been working in the fields of education and training. For the next six months, he will train teachers of seven rural schools run by Isha Foundation of Coimbatore. ''Rural schools are meant for poor. Training the teachers of such schools means imparting better education to the poor but bright students. This is an opportunity for me to help the economically backward people, he said.

Sverre Sveum Moen is a project manager for IBM and an expert in knowledge management. He too has devoted himself to social, joining city-based Sankara Eye Care Institution. He will work there for six months. He will help the eye care centre which provides free services to the poor, to streamline their systems.

Kulkarni, Tudela and Moen have been deputed by IBM as part of its Corporate Service Corps (CSC) for the benefit of Coimbatore. Seven other top employees of the company are also serving different social service firms in the city for the next six months.

''The initiative is not confined to Coimbatore alone. Another 10 skilled professionals will join various organizations in Chennai next week. A 10 member group is already working with NGOs in Jaipur,aa said Mamta Sharma, corporate citizenship and community affairs manager of IBMas South Asia division.

Over 140 IBM staff from outside India will come here this year to work with grassroots organizations. Meanwhile 200 Indian staff members of IBM will go to other countries this year to serve people there, she added. The company is attempting to get involved with local communities on issues including entrepreneurship, transportation, environment, education, citizen services, health care and disaster recovery.

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