Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coimbatore man applies for patent to 20 varieties of idli. Yes "Idli"!!

If variety is the spice of life, then nobody other than Kovai Iniyavan of Coimbatore has truly lived upto the adage.

A 38-year-old school drop out from Coimbatore, Kovai has not only developed scores of varieties of idlis, but has also applied for patents for 20 types of the popular south Indian dish.

The caterer has applied for patent and Intellectual Property Rights for these idlis claiming all the recipes were exclusively developed by him. His menu card boasts of 200 types of idlies comprising apple, orange, tomato, pizza , pudina, curry, honey, etc varieties.

“They differ in taste, shape and smell. He makes idlis with various kinds of fruits, vegetables and spices,” said Gnanavel Murugan, a foodie from Chennai.

Kovai learnt the art of idli making from Chandra, a widow in Coimbatore whom he helped in transporting the idlis she made to hotels.

“Later I started helping her in idli making and she taught me how to prepare soft and tasty idlies. It was a new experience and she shared all knowledge with me,” he said.

Idly is the simplest and safest of all foods, says Kovian.

“But one has to be careful while preparing the batter. Housewives grind rice and lentils and leave it overnight for fermentation. That is not the correct method,” said Iniyavan.

Though he grinds the rice the previous day, the lentil is ground only three or four hours before the idly is steamed.

“The rice and lentil are mixed just two hours before preparing the idli,” he said.

Kovian asks housewives to use aluminum vessels to steam idly. “Pour the batter only after the water starts boiling and use only two layers at the same time,” he said.

On the anvil are idlis made of tender coconut, carrot, chocolate, pomegranate, coriander, etc. “This will make idly eating a new experience because every day one can think of having a new variety,” he said.

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