Monday, April 11, 2011

Free health alerts from a city doctor

COIMBATORE: He cares for the health and well-being of those around him. He believes that a healthy nation needs healthy people. So, Amith Kumar, a physiotherapist and fitness consultant based at Kovaipudur here, has launched a initiative, offering health tips as mobile alerts on a daily basis. And he does it absolutely free of cost.

Amith Kumar's treatment centre named 23 Physia Clinic is now embarking on a unique mission of mobile alerts on heath tips to Coimbatoreans on a daily basis, free of cost. Once you subscribe, you can get health alerts on a daily basis. The alerts mainly pertain to major diseases like diabetics, cancer, AIDS, hypertension etc.

"Prevention is better than cure. So I am encouraging people to lead a healthy life to reduce the time and money spent on medical treatment. The health sector is largely money oriented and even minor consultations are very expensive," says Amith Kumar, who was born in Mannargudi and has worked in Singapore and Mumbai.
"It is not a business. I set aside about Rs 5,000 from my earnings every month to provide health education to residents through this mobile alert service. I feel it is my responsibility," says Amith, who has decided to settle down in Coimbatore permanently.

Getting enrolled in Amrit's mobile SMS list is easy. All you have to do is send the following message, 'HEALTHYLIVING NAME' to the mobile number 9488545655. "This is free of cost," says Amith, who has availed the free services of half a dozen medical practitioners in his efforts to supply health tips

Dr M Aarthy, Dr V Lakshmy, Dr Rashmi Desai, Dr M Sarmila and Dr P Sruthi and Dr M V Parthipan are now helping Amith to prepare his tips.

Amith started the project on an experimental basis this January, sending out his tips to his list of patients. Initially, he had 256 members. "Now we have about 1,320 subscribers, only through word of mouth. We have a few from other cities too," says Amith.

"As a physiotherapist, I am dealing with pain on a daily basis. Through this project, I am hoping for a painless world," he says.

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