Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Culturals go glam in Coimbatore!

Celebrities these days will go to any lengths to promote their films. From being guest judges at reality TV shows to attending brand launches, they are everywhere, especially before a big release. Lately, a new trend has emerged where big names from the film industry are increasingly attending events in colleges as special guests for functions and cultural programs and not everyone is happy with this. 

“It is a common fact that most college students in Coimbatore do not get enough exposure. By bringing down celebrities and other big people in the industry we can teach life skills to our students,” says a chairman of a city college.

Students, however, have mixed opinions, “We have actors coming down every month and most of them do nothing but promote their latest films or ventures, and in some colleges the students are expected to pay for attending such events,” says Jidesh A. Moorthy, a student of Business Management.
“I love it when they come down to our college,” says Bobby George, a Visual Communication student and model. “They talk about the tough times they had at the start of their careers and also give us pointers on how we can become like them. I strongly believe that we should continue with this concept and make sure that many people benefit from it.”

“I think it should be stopped,” says Visual Communications student Vinay, adding, “They give us good information once a while, but mostly it’s just all fun and games. It’s like one of those masala shows on TV with big stars.”
Sanjeev Rao, student organiser for Saarang says, “Celebrities help rope in a larger audience. They attract many fans, thereby making our jobs easier. Last year we had roped in Sonu Nigam and this year we are planning to bring KK, so it’s good for the fans and for us as well.”
However, Vj Ramya belives, “I think such college fests provide a platform for stars to interact with their fans. The youth are your target so I think it’s the best way to interact with them. You are a celebrity because of your fans and paying a lum sum just for your apperance does not seem right, I never charge anything while I go for any cultural but I am selective about the institutions I go to.”

Source: Decan Chronicle

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