Monday, January 31, 2011

Covai Flower Show 2011 – TNAU Botanical Gardens, Coimbatore

For those who missed to visit the Flower show at Coimbatore. Here are some nice pix..

The 20,000-odd strong crowd that swarmed the fourth edition of the Covai Flower Show on Saturday, the opening day, more than doubled on Sunday, the second day. And, none of them went back disappointed from the Botanic Garden of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

There was much more than the exotic flowers to captivate the visitors. From the moment they stepped into the garden, the display of species of flora greeted them.

The first thing to greet you in this edition is the “Nature in Miniature” plant exhibits which are miniature trees (some with even fruits) that have been grown for many years but still have a small size.

There were enamoured mammoth floral arrangements made to salute the Armed Forces, named “Pillars of Strength”. The War Memorial, the army tank, aircraft, map of India and the rocket were creative works of the students of horticulture of the university. They also planned and executed other thematic presentations like the Mickey Mouse, heart, train and Santa's cap.

It was a real treat to eyes and looking forward for event like this in Coimbatore.

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